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My Guitars

Cedar & Ziracote Concert Model -  traditionally built guitar by the wonderful luthier Ryan Gibson who is based in Stirling Scotland. I loved this guitar from the moment I played it. Great projection and lovely colour palette to be explored again and again!


















My Spruce guitar is by the fantastic English Guitar luthier Christopher Dean. This model is loosely based on a Torres style guitar. Slightly smaller body but still has amazing projection and the wonderful balance and qualities Christopher Dean guitars are worldly renowned for!
















Inspiring YouTube Channels

Tonebase is a fantastic platform for learning from top Classical Guitarist's  around the world.

Gallery of Guitar has a wealth of content ranging from interviews to live concerts!

A fantastic player and composer. I love Marek's music and was fortunate enough to study at the same time as him at the RCS. 

A very exciting player I recently discovered from Russia!

Ian Watt is a Guitar Virtuoso and a very insightful teacher. His channel features lots of fantastic tips on Guitar technique.

Alam Khan is a master of the Sarode. It is a wonderful Indian instrument I started to learn years ago and had lessons online with Alam.

Matthew Cochran is a Guitarist/Composer from America whose music I very much enjoy! I will be featuring his latest composition Two Young Fish in my Concert tour this year.

Uros Baric îs a genius recording engineer which can be heard from his videos and countless albums he has produced of himself and other classical artists such as Matthew McAllister.

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